To be the most trusted partner for every stakeholder in the financial world.

We believe:

  • Earning trust is a process (it can be gained and lost every day!)
  • Sharing trust creates great teams (whether between employees or between organisations)
  • BeingAi??trustworthy is the most efficient way of generating and retainingAi?? long-term business

Selfai??i??trust is the starting point of trusting others.
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Sumer Consultants has has been growing from lastAi??2 years and served around 300+ clients in India. As we have located our Head Office in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, we have our sub branches inAi??Hubli, Hyderabad, Kolkotta, Indore and many more places. Our Consultancy has been approved for the quality services fromAi?? all the clients & we wish that the World will feel proud in choosing us as their project finance consultants. You are bound to take the advantages fromAi??many ofAi??ourAi??services, and we commit that we will provide superior, competent and personalised service at a level which will be unmatched in the Finance, Loans and Subsidy Industry.